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What IS.....................................TRUTH?

What IS...................TRUTH
How can someone describe in words which only exist within the realm of an existing physical world, describe something, a "no-thing" which does not physically exist there, like "TRUTH"?

There is no Truth "out there", no truth to be "found" or recognized by something or someone which is not truth itself.

Truth - is not a what, not a location, not in any moment, not able to be sought, found, seen, experienced or captured in a thought, or a concept or even comprehended by a logical mind, illogical mind or any of their processes.

Truth cannot be seen, for something to be seen it must have a location. It must have a place, and in that place it must be able to be perceived. Truth is or has NO place. Truth cannot be perceived.

Truth cannot persist, for it to persist it must have endurance, it must be in time, not outside of it. It must persist and persistence of anything means it's constantly changing. Changing implies what it was is not what it is now, which is a lie. Truth cannot change, when changed, becomes a lie and no longer truth.

Truth is not "out there" nor is it "somewhere" no can it be "found". For if it were any of these, it would have to have all the qualities explained above.

Truth cannot be in time, as time denotes change and persistence
Truth cannot be in space, as space denotes location and different views of that location and no other location. It cannot be true if there are different points to view it and different locations from which it can be viewed.
Truth cannot be matter or in matter, as matter is a combination of time and space, specific and exclusionary to other times and spaces.
Truth have no relatives, as relatives impute something "other", existence or persistence.

Truth - isn't.
For there to exist a truth, it must be IN existence........ Truth has no existence.
For there to be a truth, NO.... BE must be, which is also an existence (truth has no existence) combined with life, life being self animating (truth does not move), beginning and lessening as in the birth, growth, being, diminishing and cessation cycle. Truth has no characteristics of life or Being or existence.
Truth has no beginning, no continuing, and no ending. Truth is the creator, not the creation, before creating these.

Truth can be only one thing - absolutely no thing.
Truth is:
The complete absence of any change
The complete absence of any location
The complete absence of any persistence
The complete absence of any matter
The complete absence of any energy, wavelength, light, force, movement capability, or any of these created stored potentials.
But without the absence of being absent.

Truth is the center of the wheel where no thing is but all things are based upon.
Truth is NO Thing and NO nothing.

Truth is Static, not relative to motion but an absolute static, without there being anything to be an absolute static. It has nothing to move, and so cannot lie as in move to any location. It has no frequency or vibration or something to move making frequency. Motion is not Truth.
For if there were the potential for movement, vibration, frequency, wavelength, location in or outside of space and time, it would then be moving in those realm. it would be continuously lying.
It's here, now here, now here.
The only truth is "What Is" completely outside all of the characteristics of the physical universe, or any universe system where any-things relative can or does exist.

Truth is the quality which all other qualities, all beingness, all existence, time, space, energy, matter viewpoints, points to view, light, frequency, vibration and objects are created FROM and WITH, rely upon and all existence can be brought about come from.

Truth is the "from" and the "with" of all.

Truth can never be in one spot, and then in another, for the "second" spot would not be where truth is, it could only be in the first spot. Time is consecutive series of perceived spots, lies, from where a creation, having no time nor persistence began.
Truth is only within the moment of creation and no subsequent moment.
Truth is the only quality which can create and from which any creation is..
Truth is the recipe without and before the recipe, and before the soup.
Truth is the source of perception. Nothing is what perceives, things have nothing within and so too can perceive. The more nothing within, the more truth, the more perception and creation capabilities are.
All Things are full of lots of "no thing"

Truth is Spirit
Truth is Creation at the timeless moment
Truth is Beingness without yet Being
Truth is ineffable potential without being applied
Truth is the wordless without any word
Truth is knowing, or is what can have knowing
Truth is not knowing, or is what knows not knowing
Lies are knowing about something but never knowing IT
Truth is Awareness of being aware
Truth is Willing potential Being or Not Being
Truth is the quality, WITH which there can be:

Truth is YOU, before you.
Truth is only recognized by YOU, if, you are Truth
Truth Perceives

Truth is the foundation, without there being a foundation, of life and of all things alive and all things dead.
Without Truth, there is only things persisting and no thing to perceive.
Without Truth, there is no spirit within the body, which has the nervous system, which is connected to the ear, which can create a "listen" before it can hear the tree falling in the forest.
Without Truth, only void exists
Without Truth, knowing is only void

There is only one quality which knows truth, that is truth itself, the no thing of every thing.
Truth is the answer to What IS

This is a communication attempted with words. It may not match the intent. It will be revised, it will be changed, it is not done and may never be.

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