Monday, October 31, 2011

Why Facebook?

Why Facebook? Initially it looked to me as a complete waist of time, useless at best. I had intentionally avoided joining facebook up until someone 2500 miles away, suggested that we could get to know each other via facebook.
Why communicate at all? How do we get to know "what's on the inside" of a person, what their thoughts, views, goals, purposes, desires and aspirations are without communicating?
Other than the attractive and hot bodied chicks and guys, what other values are there? I now pity the all those hot looking individuals now. You are cursed with the easy road of meeting people, cursed with those wanting just a possession, an object of desire.
If not that, then attracted usually for the wrong reasons hidden by their own irresistible desires to "have you", often the objects that you now only see yourselves as being. You know the ones, there is nothing but pictures, lots of pictures and nothing to say.
I've met some people I would never have, in any other way, simply due to the vast distances of locations and sometimes appearances. But I only know them by what they are saying. I am AMAZED how well I think I have come to know some of them by just what they have said, never having met.
Without any other form of interaction, without doing anything together or sharing any other similar interest or activity, I "feel" I know some quite well. I also know that I may not have any idea of how they really look, that they may not be showing a real photographic image of themselves, as they actually are now.
Does that really matter? It would, only in the sense that if they were disguising themselves or portraying themselves differently than they are, I would then trust them LESS.
For me it has been an unexpected learning experience, about the world as others see it, as others discover things about it and "share" what they see. What is picked for their focus. It has amplified WHO and WHAT a person IS "under the hood, behind the often deceiving skinned shell, not focusing on their looks or their physical presence, but more on what they think and how they arrive at what they wish to say.
I'm also surprised by how little people wish to think or ponder the mystery of WHO and WHAT they are, whether because they are satisfied with themselves and life around them or whether they only think on the apparent purely superficial or "all about me" and what I'm doing level. Equally I have come to realize, all of that's fine.
I get to choose who and what I want to hear and interact with, just like any other form of living. But what I am finding is that all of it has its place, has its purpose, not just for others but for myself as well. Flexibility and tolerance within me has grown. Willing vulnerability I now see as TRUE Strength!
Conversely I see incredibly SOLID fixations, the "never broken, perfect" mindsets depicting "it's this way and no other way, it will never change and neither will I" views being expressed. How much does such a person ever see? How much will they ever realize they've missed?
I see how people perceive themselves and what they write is perceived as well as how different others actually perceive them. This is amazing to me and I have turned this inward, looking at myself and what I state in entirely new ways.
My natural tendency is to introvert to discover what I do not yet understand. This should be obvious to anyone who has seen almost anything I write. This is how I learn. Look Outwardly and then Inward.
I see myself, "the construct of self" through the eyes of others. When communicating, the mirror of self is revealed. Duplicating whether another has understood seems to require this. It is as if one must become the receipt point of your own communication, to know if it got across. Realizing that what is viewing both the construct and the other person is the "true self", the spirit who sees the self construct while watching that illusion diminish.
Simultaneously, the "need" and "desire" to defend self and say really anything at all, is but a pointless endeavor. It often stops me bothering as I see it often as useless to do so.
This is especially true when all that is being communicated is words, without expression, mannerisms, intonations and physical manifestations.
So, I'm learning and perhaps I'm offering the choice in others to learn as well. That's communication and until we become aware of others and ourselves as all connected, all simultaneously being one another, really without separation or division, communication is the only other way to share what we think, feel and wish.
This, all of the above can be used to define what it really is ~ "FUN". A rather looooooong definition but perhaps somewhat more accurate.

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