Thursday, June 9, 2011


It almost feels ILLEGAL to be examining that which is capable of being AWARE. It goes against the grain, it tilts the head like the RCA Victor dog trying to understand.

Are we aware?

Are we aware of being aware?
Are we aware of being awake, of being asleep, of dreaming, of being conscious or unconscious?
What is it that is AWARE?  Is it Self? Is it aware of being Self?
Is it physical? Is it a chemical reaction? Is it synapse firing? If so, what causes these then?
What thinks?
What perceives the thought?
What knows?
What knows when it doesn't?
What is Being?
What IS?

How do we define, perceive, become aware of that which is AWARE?

We look at our hand, our foot, our body, and ask ourselves, "Is that me"?

Can a mirror see a mirror? What is the difference between something that perceives and something that does not?
How do we know which we are?
Are we a perception or a perceiver?
Who or what defines?
What actually creates?

This is a communication attempted with words. It may not match the intent. It will be revised, it will be changed, it is not done and may never be.
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